Attorney Fees and Costs

Average Cost of Attorneys

Atorney's are the costs of client for legal representation by attorney (lawyer, solicitor).

Attorney can charge these fees in a number of different ways depending on their type of practice or what case they take on but they are usually set by contract in advance of the representation.

The most common fees are: flat fees, billable hours, contingent fees, pro bono, or retainer fees.

1. If an attorney voluntarily work on behalf of indigent clients (accepts a case at no charge) then he is working pro bono, or for free.
2. A retainer fee is an upfront fee paid to a lawyer (you pay for a certain amount of hours and once those hours are worked, additional hours are billed per hour).
3. Contingent fees are when a lawyer accepts a portion or percentage of the monetary judgment or settlement (of the case) in the event it is won. If the case is not won, then the lawyer does not accept any payment (no win - no fee). (Most of worker’s compensation and personal injury claims are paid with contingent fees.)
4. Also, in some lawsuits the loser pays the attorney’s fees for all parties involved.

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