Effective PR program

Fundamentals of effective PR program

An effective PR (public relations) program includes both reactive — answering the media’s requests - and proactive — reaching out to the media — public relations strategies. Tactics range from telephone and on-camera interviews to wellplanned media events that include a variety of stakeholders. Many PR programs include elements of crisis communication and internal or organizational communication.

• Responding to media inquiries
• Interviews
• Crisis communications
• Pitches & press releases
• Video news releases
• Media events
• Bylined articles
• Press kits & Bios
• Web sites, blogs & more

Interview tips

Don’t be intimidated! - an interview is an excellent opportunity to gain added exposure and get your message in to the public. Whether, the reporter seeks you out or you find yourself in the right place at the right time, an invitation to be interviewed about a positive story is one you don’t want to turn down.
• Preparation — Try to find out beforehand as much as possible about the topic and what type of questions you’ll be asked. If possible, schedule a time for the interview so that you’ll have an opportunity to prepare and write down key messages you want to deliver.
• Messaging — Be clear and concise when answering questions and repeat your key messages, knowing that the interview will be edited. Avoid misleading and feel comfortable telling a reporter you don’t know the answer to a question.
• Follow-up — Thank the writer, editor or reporter for the opportunity to be included in their story and be sure to leave him/her with contact information in case they have follow-up questions and for future stories.

Tip — Be wary of reporters who don’t tell you what the interview is about or who might have a negative story in mind. And at no time should you speak “off the record.” Keep in mind that in any interview, even when the camera or recorder is turned off, your comments may still be used or quoted in the story. It’s good to establish a rapport with a journalist but, refrain from making comments you wouldn’t want repeated or even paraphrased by the reporter. Consider yourself always “on the record“.

PR constituents
• Media
• Industry analysts
• Customers/clients
• Executives & internal stakeholders
• Employees
• Community members
• Other influencers

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