Real Estate: Home Improvement Tips (2/2)

8 ways to help sellers make quick and affordable home-improvement fixes to appeal to buyers

Low-Cost Home Improvements for a Quick Sale

4. Paint Those Walls
Painting is one of the cheapest, most effective improvements you can make in your home - especially if the colors aren't neutral to begin with. I know you love the pink entryway and purple bathroom, but most buyers won't love it as much.

I know you think painting is cheap and that the buyer can just do it later. Most people think this way, however, there are many people who don't have the vision. They need to see it done. Painting your home off white or in earth tones is the best way to go. Remember: you're selling your home to appeal to the masses.

5. Address the Flooring
Flooring is a little more expensive, but will bring a better return on your investment - especially if you're still hanging on to the orange shag. Even if you have more modern carpet but don't have enough in the budget for new carpeting, a good cleaning by a professional can help dramatically. The same can be said for wood floors, too. A good scrubbing can go a long way.

6. Clean Your Windows/Treatments
Cleaning your windows can really spruce up your home. A bright home always shows far better than a dungeon. Removing heavy drapes and curtains can help, too, and breathe new life into your home. It's far better to have nothing than to have a pattern that was popular 20 years ago.

7. Change Old Lighting
Lighting is a subtle enhancement to make, but a buyer will notice if a home's lighting is outdated. There are some great lights that can be purchased rather cheaply in many lighting stores. Even little things like upgrading to brighter bulbs can help.

Dark or poorly lit rooms turn off most homebuyers. Although it's a little more expensive to add, recessed lighting can really change the look in a room. Recessed lights work especially well in kitchens and baths.

8. Declutter Your Home
This one can really go a long way. Buyers like spacious rooms they can envision their own belongings in. Getting rid of things you don't need or can put into storage while your home is on the market can transform the appearance of your home.

Hold a yard sale for those items that still hold value. For things you want to keep but will spoil how well your home shows, get a POD (portable on-site storage) or consider putting your stuff in a short-term storage facility.

Remember: not every improvement has to be expensive. Sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest difference in a buyer's mind.

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