How to hire a lawyer

You may have a legal problem and not know how to resolve it. Lawyers have been specially trained in the law and our legal system. The lawyer will be helping you solve your problems, so the first qualification is that you must feel comfortable enough to tell him or her, honestly and completely, all the facts necessary to resolve your problem. Sometimes people feel nervous when meeting lawyers, but remember that you're the one doing the hiring, and what's most important is that you're satisfied with what you're getting for your money.

Before you make any hiring decisions, you might want to ask certain questions to aid in your evaluation.
Questions you should ask your prospective lawyer before making a final hiring decision:

1. Ask about the lawyer's experience and areas of practice.
. . . How many similar matters have you handled?
. . . What were the results of those cases?
. . . Do you typically go to trial or settle out of court?
2. How long has the lawyer and the firm been practicing law?
3. What kinds of legal problems does the lawyer handle most often?
4. Are most clients individuals or businesses?


Will there be any limitations on the scope of the representation?
How will you be kept informed about the progress of the case?
How quickly do you respond to phone calls and e-mails?
How can I reach you after normal business hours?

In many cases, there is no fee charged for an initial consultation. However, to be on the safe side, ask about fees before setting up your first appointment. If the attorney does charge, simply ask if the amount will be credited to the bill later on.

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