How to make life enjoyable

Today is some weird day. I need something to lift my mood, I need some fun, something different for boredom and stress relief.

What can I do for myself? Why wouldn't I try something new? Here are some suggestions I've found on the internet about how to get a bit more fun out of life and how to make life more enjoyable.

Go to the gym.
Watch TV.
Surf the web.
Invite friends for a picnic.
Build a snowman.
Have a snowball fight.
Go for a walk in the park.
Go for a drive in a nearby national park.
Go to an art gallery.
Go for a ride on a bike (you can hire one!).
Call an old friend you haven't spoken to for a while.
Go to the zoo.
Learn how to paint landscapes.
Take up photography.
Go on a blind-date.
Get pampered at a day spa.
Go to an aquarium.
Have some fun with your pet.
Make a video for "Funniest Home Videos".
Go on a scenic train ride.
Spend a few hours lazily reading newspaper in a cafe.
Spend an afternoon looking through your old photos and organizing them.
Go see a live sporting event.
Buy a surprise gift for someone just to let them see you care.

Do you have any other suggestion?

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