Guide to Creating Videos

Shoot great video

It doesn’t take a video pro to shoot great video. Just a little pre-planning, and these simple tips will get you and your offer noticed.

It pays to plan…
Even the pros have some kind of game plan when they start shooting. Whether it’s a full script, or just a rough sketch of what you want to say, and what you want to accomplish, you’ll get it done more quickly, and with less headaches.

Simple video tips

Watch the light: Whether you’re inside or outside, don’t shoot into the light. Instead, keep the sun behind you when you’re outside, and when you’re inside, avoid pointing the camera at the windows. The same thing goes if you’re doing an interview with someone, or appearing on camera yourself. The subject faces the light source. The camera shouldn’t.

Whole ‘lotta shaking: Keep the camera as steady as possible. Too much movement can make the viewer seasick. Slow and controlled movement is best. Use atripod when possible, or, balance the camera on a solid object, like a countertop.

Did you hear that? If you’re going to narrate the listing video while you’re shooting, or if you or someone else is talking on camera, beware of extraneous noise. For the best audio, use an external microphone or stay close to the camera.

What the heck do I say (or do?)

• Introduce yourself on camera
Set up your tripod, stand in front of the camera, and tell the viewer who you are, and where you are… including the city. You never know who might be watching, it could be someone outof state. If you don’t have a tripod, enlist some help, whether it’s another agent, or a family member.

• How long?
Two to three minutes is ideal, whether it’s a listing, profile or community video. You want to give them information, but not include everything, because you want them to contact youfor the rest. Think of it like a news headline.

• Don’t forget your contact information.
Give your name at the beginning of the video, and your name and phone number at the end of the video. One of the most effective ways to do that is to make a simple sign using Word on your computer, and hold it up to the camera.

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