5 Tips to Create a Habit of Self-Discipline

5 Tips to Create a Habit of Self-Discipline

Lack of discipline is what often prevents small-business owners from creating extraordinary organizations and having more meaningful lives. Discipline is the ability to continue doing things after the mood in which they were started is long gone.

Here are tips on how to go about working on your self-discipline:

1. Discipline doesn't always mean punishment. Changing the way you look at being disciplined is the most difficult step. Just thinking about it often brings to mind negative connotations: limitations, sacrifice, reprimand . . . But it's up to you to use the stick or the carrots to motivate yourself to take action. Realize that self-discipline doesn't limit you, but rather it gives you the power to do the things that matter most both in business and in life.

2. Cultivate your carrots. Decide on how you will reward yourself. Doing things to get rid of unbearable pain or to avoid punishment is for strugglers. Developing a powerful vision for what's possible and working towards it will keep you excited and energized. Reward yourself along the way even for reaching the smallest milestones. Celebrate all the wins. Make it a game and have fun with it!

3. Make it a group sport. Going it alone is the hardest way to accomplish anything significant, so involve others. Do not underestimate the power of accountability -- it can work wonders. Carefully choose your supporters and mentors - make sure they are the type that will tell you what you NEED to hear and not necessarily what you WANT to hear.

4. Forget the losses but don't lose the lessons. Don't allow temporary defeats to sway you off your chosen path towards your business goals and life purpose. It's easy to beat yourself up for making mistakes, but it won't take you far. Instead, treat them as learning opportunities. Simply evaluate what didn't work, apply new strategy and take different action.

5. Start now and be consistent and persistent. Remember the Nike's commercial -- "Just do it!" Or my personal mantra: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly to begin with!" Even the best intentions will not create any results; the universe has a tendency to reward action. Taking small steps in one direction every single day translates into huge leaps forward over a period of time.

Make a commitment to creating the habit of self-discipline; it can make a huge difference in both your professional and personal life!

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